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How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost

When it comes to pricing services, there are many things being factored in. Apart from the law of supply and demand coming into play, there are also other things that you need to take into consideration, and the same applies to managed IT services, too. But the question that will weight largely when it comes to availing this type of service is how much does managed IT services cost, especially to companies that are in the same industry as yours. Here are some of the things being factored into the price considerations, as well as the usual price ranges for this kind of service.

How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost

Factor #1 on Deciding How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost: Technology

One of the most important factors of deciding prices for managed IT services is the type of technology that you already have in place, as well as the technology solutions that you want your service provider to add in. You can get cheaper rates if you are aiming for just the standard services. Asking for a specific technology that is still not a part of your providers business tools will mean that they will have to fund that specific request from you, so this may incur an extra charge.

Factor #2 on Deciding How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost: Manpower

How much does managed IT services cost if you will need more people involved in your project? You will definitely be subjected to additional charges if you ask for your provider to involve more people into the services you are asking for. If your provider only has 10 people available to provide you with customer support, but you are asking for 5 more, your service provider might agree to this change, provided that you cover the extra costs involved in hiring more people to give you the service you want.

Factor #3 on Deciding How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost: Remote or Onsite Service

Managed IT services can be delivered in-house or remotely. Depending on what you demand, your service provider may oblige. You will of course get different rates depending on how the service will be delivered to you.

Factor #4 on Deciding How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost: Service Inclusion

Depending on what specific services you want to include in your managed services package, you can have an idea on how to answer the question of how much does managed IT services cost. If you are going for a basic system maintenance and monitoring service, the pricing for this will be different compared to getting system maintenance and monitoring services and including data storage, system security and data backup solutions to it. The more services you would like to include, the bigger are the fees.

Factor #5 on Deciding How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost: Number of End Users

How many people in your company will be using your managed IT services that you plan to sign up for? How much does managed IT services cost if there are only 10 of you in the company? Costs will definitely be higher if you have more people who will need the services you are going for.

Apart from these 5 factors, here are some ideas to help you understand how service providers consider how much does managed IT services cost:

a. Cheap Managed Services. This pricing tier, with rates ranging from $80 to $300 monthly, is usually for one-time services or basic maintenance and monitoring solutions for entrepreneurs or small businesses.

b. Mid-Range Managed Services. This tier usually applies to small to medium businesses who have a bigger funding available for their IT needs. Prices may range from $200 to $500 monthly, depending on the scope of the service. Some clients prefer this tier as it is what usually matches their budgets, and it’s something they can sign up for whenever the need arises. It’s not very expensive because for this tier, the client usually handles the infrastructure part of the service.

c. Top Tier Managed Services. These top tier services usually covers most, if not all, of the services that a certain service provider can offer. With prices going from around $500 to thousands of dollars, it’s definitely very pricey. But if you are looking for quality systems and processes for your business, it’s a necessary evil, but will surely be worth it.

If you are still clueless about exactly how much does managed IT services cost, you can always contact the professional staff of Network Medics to answer this question and provide you more information on how the specific services you are thinking about acquiring will be priced.

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