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8 Managed Services IT Companies Can Provide

Managing a growing business takes a lot of investment. You will need to invest a lot effort, time and money to make sure that your company operates smoothly and efficiently every single day. And the fact is, it’s not always easy to take control of everything, especially nowadays, wherein competition is everywhere.

Every business person wants to get ahead of everyone else. And if you are one of these entrepreneurs who are looking for a convenient solution to your operational needs, why not sign up for managed services provided by IT companies in your area? If you are wondering what types of managed services you can get to improve your business operations, check out this list.

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#1 Managed Services from IT Companies: Printing

By getting this as one of your managed services, your chosen IT company will be assessing the printing tools that you currently have and check if what you have actually meets your needs or if they can provide better printing tools and add ons. Once they have identified your needs, they will then equip your office with parts and supplies to make sure that your printing needs are addressed.

#2 Managed Services from IT Companies: IT Support 

Thinking about reducing your operational costs? Then you might want to get some managed services from IT companies that offer technical support. This is ideal for companies who have limited IT manpower available in house. In fact, by getting this type of managed service, you get to save more money since you won’t have to hire and train new people or buy. Your contracting company will be the one to shoulder all the manpower needed to help your business run smoothly.

#3 Managed Services from IT Companies: Communication

Do you need 24/7 availability for your customer service? Then you might want to outsource this need to professional people from some credible companies in your area. As one of the common types of managed services offered by IT providers, this involves a lot of manpower and tools. But by including this in your selected managed services, IT companies can tailor fit your package to fit your communication needs.

#4 Managed Services from IT Companies: Data Analysis

To get ahead of your competitors, there is the necessity of information gathering, processing and analyzation. This is usually done to help businesses understand their customers better. And if you don’t have enough people to handle your data analysis needs, then you might want to list data analysis on the manage services to get from your chosen IT company.

#5 Managed Services from IT Companies: Mobile and Wireless Computing

To enable wireless and mobile computing solutions for your business, getting the right equipment and setting up this type of operation may be costly and strenuous. For this, you might need to get managed services from IT providers who can take care of your mobile computing needs.

#6 Managed Services from IT Companies: Software-as-a-Service

Some companies require a customized software to ensure a smoother day to day operation. But if you don’t have software designers employed in your company, you can simply sign up for managed services from an IT company in your area and have them create a software that suits your operational needs.

#7 Managed Services from IT Companies: Networks and Infrastructure

For a state-of-the-art business operation, you need to equip your company with updated infrastructure. But what if you don’t have the funds to accomplish this? This is where outsourcing comes in. You can avoid spending a huge sum of money by getting some managed services so that your IT provider can take care of your data storage and backup needs, as well as setting up your LANs and WANs.

#8 Managed Services from IT Companies: Cloud Infrastructure 

Apart from having to set up your physical infrastructure and networks, your business will also need some professionals who will manage your company’s operating and computing systems, as well as your data storage and network needs. By getting this as one of the managed services from your IT provider, you will have less worries about the continuity of your business, since your provider will be handling the overall maintenance for this part of your business.

And if you are looking for a managed IT service provider who can get all of your IT needs delivered in one go, contact Network Medics. This IT provider is handled by people-centered professionals who will always do their best to provide clients with the right set of solutions to keep your business operations smooth sailing.

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