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Creating an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy to Protect Your Business

Small businesses today are plagued by cyberattacks from viruses, phishing and ransomware. How can you protect your networks and systems from malware? Below is a multi-faceted strategy to counter the intrusion of hackers and cyberthieves. Prioritize a Cybersecurity Best Practices Culture with Employees The first …

Spear Phishing | W2 and Payroll Scam

Spear Phishing continues to be an issue for everyone, including government. Today the Minnesota Department of Revenue issued a warning on spear phishing attempts aimed at payroll and HR departments. The scammers are spoofing company executives asking for copies of employee’s W-2 forms. The emails …

Spear Phishing Cyberthreat is Getting Worse

Spear Phishing Tries to Get You to Disclose Your Confidential Information In simple terms, spear phishing cyberthreat means receiving an email that looks like it came from someone you know, but actually isn’t. It is a threat for anyone, anywhere, and in any industry. They …

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