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Your business isn’t static and neither is technology. You continually evolve, and need to keep in step with the latest innovations and updates. Whether its licensing, security, or credentials, it is important to have all of the information for your corporate network in an easy to understand document for security and planning purposes.

Periodic network assessments are vital to every company from business start-ups to enterprise.

We talk in easy to understand terms as we assess your organization’s current IT situation. It’s an investment that can save you thousands of dollars by uncovering current issues, help you avoid future loss, and take the first step to a technology plan. Network Assessments with Network Medics means a thorough review and deep dive to all of the aspects of licensing, warranties, equipment, diagrams, threats, resources, location, recovery, backup, planning, and an overall review of best practices.

Do you find yourself asking the following questions?

  • You are not sure of the status of your network – perhaps you lost your IT professional employee?
  • Are you an IT professional that needs help with reviewing the latest networking gear and planning an upgrade?
  • Have you ever wished someone could tell you what technology you have, evaluate security, and overall performance?

Our network assessments include an analysis of your business’ specific technical resources, security issues and operational processes. After our assessment we’ll review with you – in person. We go over all of the valuable information on the current design, security and performance of your IT environment. It’s a comprehensive answer to your IT questions and needs for today and the future.



Network assessments cover areas such as:

Network Security Assessments Technology Plan
Network Diagrams
Hardware Assets
Software Assets
Licensing Status
Network Security Assessments
Pain Points
Network Health
Network Assessments Disaster Recovery
Backup Regimen
Disaster Recovery
Security Status


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