Networking Projects and Management
Networking projects provided from Network Medics bring a combined 50+ years of experience on networking infrastructure design, procurement, planning, project management, and implementation.

Network Medics are certified experts in Cisco, HP Enterprise (HP Silver Partner), Dell and Watchguard (Silver Partner) for all of your router, switch, firewall, wireless, and network security needs. Network Medics’ engineers are thoroughly experienced in implementation, configuration, and problem resolution of Cisco, HP, Dell, and Watchguard products.

We scope our networking projects design with your small to medium sized business in mind. Although there are best practices, each company and customer is different. Therefore our solutions team will help you select, migrate, update, and implement all routers, switches and firewalls onsite at your company or in colocation. In addition, they will work with you to create a comprehensive security plan including security protocol configurations of all your network equipment so that your network is always secure.

Networking Projects and Management
Network Diagram Creation

Network Diagram creation is always included in Network Medics networking projects. Why? Documentation is key for lowering your long term costs and reducing support time. For instance, without an accurate network diagram when trying to troubleshoot network issues can cause serious delay to your operation and revenue generating systems. Regardless of the size or complexity of your network, it is always best practice to have current network diagrams and document of your network – including information such as IP addressing, devices, servers, etc. Completing a network diagram during your networking projects is certainly easier and more cost effective when things are running smoothly than in the heat of a network problem.

Networking Project Management

Sound networking project management requires a balance between adhering to a methodology and modifying it to suit the realities of a business, their IT environment and the time-to-implementation demand. At Network Medics, our project management process, documentation, and talent will help you through all of the expectations, deliverables, phasing, quoting, and procurement needed for a successful networking project implementation.

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