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Spam Folders – Why Authenticate Your Email

Spam folders can be pure frustration and your superhero all in one technology. We’ve all had the spam folders conversation – Did you get my email? (wait 20 minutes) Oh, your message was in my spam folder. Or perhaps you were sending out that important …

How We Acquired

Although your domain name and extension are a little less important these days when it comes to being found online – having your core business name with .COM is a sought after asset. When we started Network Medics, we were definitely disheartened to know that …

How should you save personal passwords?

How should you save personal passwords? Personal password security is almost always overlooked – even unfortunately by some techie folks. We’ve been getting this question a lot the last few years and the recommendations will always change over time with improving technology vs. skill levels …

Cybersecurity Risk and 71% of Businesses Who Are Set to Burn

Cybersecurity Risk is definitely a bake-a-Brûlée situation. (Ugh, really Kevin?) If you aren’t paying attention – you could eventually burn down your house. Cyber-attacks were up almost 20% in 2017, which turned up the oven temperature – 9.32 Billion Malware attacks cranked up the browning …

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