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Compelling Benefits of the Cloud

Digital technology provides businesses with clear advantages but also various challenges, and cloud-based backups provide numerous IT solutions while also cutting costs. The cloud satisfies ever-growing demands for increased data storage and a reliable backup system, but the benefits don’t stop there. Cloud backups also …

Improve Customer Relations by Integrating Your CRM with Office 365

Microsoft apps are already known to contribute to overall workplace efficiency, and then comes Office 365 which introduces more apps that enrich company communication and teamwork. Here’s how a CRM system integration into Office 365 can better your customer relationships. Improve Customer Relationships with Office …

4 Factors SMBs Need to Consider When Securing Cloud Data

4 Factors SMBs Need to Consider When Securing Cloud Data The cloud has changed how businesses handle data. From traditional infrastructures and setups where data is stored on-premise, more and more companies are opting to entrust their data in remote cloud servers that are owned …

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