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What is a Managed Service?

Managed Services is an information technology (IT) task that is offered by third-party providers. This task is used in order to effectively manage an in-house IT team. In the corporate world, IT supports the majority of day-to-day business functions. This is because we now live in an era where everything is internet and computer-driven.

While some companies have what it takes to manage their own IT infrastructures, some don’t even have the right resources to do so. Small businesses are usually the ones that suffer the most from this problem. This puts them behind their big competitors which sadly, can lead to their own demise and failure.

Fortunately, small startups don’t need to suffer that long as they can outsource their managed IT services to the right experts. These experts are often known as managed service providers or MSPs. They often provide managed services to those who don’t have the right resources and expertise to do so.

Some of the most common services offered by MSPs are remote monitoring, server management, desktop monitoring, mobile device management, and more. These services are often the ones that most businesses need help with. Since not everyone has the right set of skills to accomplish all these tasks, managed service providers are usually the ones who assume this role for them.

One of the reasons why a lot of businesses invest in managed services is because they are cheaper compared to managing an entire in-house IT structure. The technologies and software needed for operational management don’t come for cheap, that’s why only a few established businesses can manage their own IT operating systems. Another factor that makes business owner invest in managed services is that it saves them a lot of time. Managing IT operations doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires time, energy, patience, and endurance.

We create managed services business network solutions based on your business IT goals and operational needs, not based on re-seller quotas.

With our managed services we use all of the technology and tools available to consult on an IT solution what is best for your organization, company, or your IT department. One of our managed services is right for you:


Managed IT Services for Business

Managed Network Services for Internal IT
Managed VPS Hosting | Private Cloud

Managed Microsoft Azure
Managed Application Hosting

We are a unique Managed Services provider in Minnesota because we:


We Leverage World-Class Vendor Relationships

Managed Services

Network Medics has the clout, experience and respect of best-of-breed hardware and software vendors who deliver cutting-edge network, server, virtualization, cloud hosting, security and backup solutions. We spend a tremendous amount of time and energy making sure as a company we have extensive certifications in all of the technologies we recommend from the vendors.

Our Staff is Our Core Product

We hire the right people, we keep them trained, and we keep them happy. Continuing education and certifications are the primary driver to continually increase the level of our service and support that we provide to you. From our technical expertise testing to our thorough 90-120 day review period, not everyone makes the cut. No matter what job description they have our team is chosen based on their drive to advance, learn, and most importantly, delight the customer.

We’re Focused

As Network Medics is tech-owned, the leadership has had nearly every tech job at one time available at the firm. Most importantly that means we value a sound work vs. life balance and we don’t overwork our team. We strive to grow conservatively to maintain our high quality of service and to be able to quickly shift gears at the speed of technology change and advancement.

Managed Services


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